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 Paseo del Río at Taylor Yard

Thank you for your interest in the Paseo del Río at Taylor Yard Project. At the 100 Acre Partnership, we are excited to share with you information about this collaborative effort between the California State Parks, City of Los Angeles, and the Mountains Recreation Conservation Authority. To learn more about Paseo del Río, check out our project video below and information that was provided at our first two workshops

The Paseo del Río at Taylor Yard is a joint effort of the 100 Acre Partnership (City of Los Angeles, California State Parks and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority). The Paseo del Rio at Taylor Yard will include a one-mile public use greenway, an entry plaza and a water quality improvement wetland that supports natural habitat. Paseo del Rio runs along the river's edge on both the G1 and G2 parcels.


These projects will provide open space for increased habitat along the Los Angeles River. Some amenities that may be included include trails, native habitat areas, health and wellness activities, gathering spaces, outdoor classrooms, a kayak launch and landing, and scenic overlooks. The Paseo del Río at Taylor Yard will benefit our surrounding communities and region, while increasing access to the Los Angeles River. 


We hosted our first community workshop in August 2022 at Rio de los Angeles State Park. with over 200 members of the community in attendance. If you were unable to join us, check out the information posterboards here. After Community Workshop One, our team was able to collect nearly 800 community questionnaires, that helped inform the three design options presented at Community Workshop Two in November 2022. To check our presentation, click here. You can also view the three proposed design alternatives here.


Additionally, we hosted a virtual workshop in mid-January to provide another opportunity for the community to learn about the Paseo del Río at Taylor Yard, where we were joined by over 50 community members. To view the meeting video, click here.


To learn more about the Paseo del Río at Taylor Yard and other projects taking place at Taylor Yard, check out our project maps in English and Spanish.


We hope that you will join the conversation as we proceed on Paseo del Río at Taylor Yard. Your feedback will be key. We are currently seeking community feedback via our questionnaire, click here for English or here for Spanish,. You will have until February 3rd to provide your feedback.


Thank you for your interested in Paseo del Río at Taylor Yard!

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